Control cabinet C1

The control cabinet C1 CESYCO is aimed to the control of the fluids and the video signal. 
Added to ta bench, it also ensures its remote controls.

The control cabinet allows to check continuously the optimal inlet of the fluids. Its light bell triggers in case of defect of the air pressure, water flow or if the water temperature is excessive.
The control cabinet ensures the supply and the connection between the video camera and the endoscope in the control room.
The control cabinet is equipped with a safety device which, in case of dysfunction of the cooling systems, ensures the automatic removal of the endoscope if the latter is equipped with an extraction bench. Thanks to a filter with automatic drain and a pressure reducing valve, it filters and regulates the airpressure in order to avoid the dust particles in the endoscope.
The thermometer, the flowmeter and the thermo switch allow the display and the control of the temperature of the water and the water flow



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