Verleih Service

For occasional controls that do not require the investment of a new endoscopic equipment, we put at your disposal a wide range of high temperature endoscopes for renting and our team of professionals is ready to act on your site with the suitable equipment.

The renting and the service on site allow you to :

  • Control your budget.
  • Work in safety conditions with endoscopic equipments that are recent and regularly checked.
  • Have at your disposal the suitable endoscopic equipment during the period of your choice.
  • Have at your disposal a professional technician with his experience and a suitable endoscope during the period of your choice.
Our customer advisers remain at your entire disposal to find out the best endoscopic solution for you.

Our endoscopic service on site includes the :

  • Disposal of a technician with the suitable equipment
  • Preparing of the equiment
  • Carrying out of the endoscopy
  • Writing of the service report
  • Delivery of the pictures and the video files

Aims :

  • Detect and identify where the problem comes from
  • Foresee and plan the maintenance operations
  • Improve the productivity and the security...

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