We specialize in high temperature endoscopy

Thanks to a 25-year experience in industrial vision and the purchase of Kinoptik in 2003, CESYCO has been developing a hub of skills which is one of its kind in France for high temperature endoscopy, and now remains as leader on the market. The applications deal with steel industry, glass industry, cement kilns, waste incinerators, power plants.

What is high temperature endoscopy aimed to ?

In high temperature furnaces that can reach up to 2 000°C, this technology allows the inspection of a working furnace or boiler to find out structure defects or to control the manufacturing process in order to : 

  • Check the wear of the inner of a working furnace
  • Foresee and plan the maintenance operations
  • Live control a high temperature process 
  • Find out any dysfunction without stopping the production 
  • Improve the productivity and the security 

Tailored to needs services on site

CESYCO advises you from the right beginning of your project up to the setting up of the most suitable solutions :

  • Study of your need and advise with solutions
  • Design and production of standard or tailored equipments
  • Equipment renting 
  • Service on site 
  • Maintenance and repair of equipments

Our assets

  • A strong technical expertise
  • An experience in many fields of activities
  • Skills in optics, imaging and electronics 
  • Overall taking into account of your need 
  • A key person to follow your project
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High temperature endoscopy 
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